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The president and principal consultant at Convergence Leadership and Learning is Michael J. McGrath, PhD. Dr. Mike is a highly experienced, multi-faceted workplace learning professional with over 25 years in adult education and workplace learning. He has experience across a diverse set of industries including energy, resources, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, construction, education, financial services, military, and engineering. His experience includes:

  • Team Leadership and Program Management
  • Competency Assurance and Management
  • Leadership Assessment and Analysis
  • Learning Program Assessment
  • Safety Culture Analysis
  • Curriculum Design, Development, Mapping;
  • Instructional Design and Development (25+ yrs);
  • Instruction and Coaching (25+ yrs);
  • Competency Based Training and Assessment (Certified DACUM Facilitator);
  • e-learning (LMS/LCMS)

Mike is passionate about workplace safety and his PhD dissertation focused on how workplace safety is ultimately a function of community held values, employee/learner socialization and informal learning. It is this valuable insight and experience that can help improve safety education at your organization!

Why choose Convergence Learning?


Worker injuries and fatalities continue to be a serious issue in industrial workplaces. A new way of looking at safety is needed.

Safety development has reached a saturation point where no further regulation, training, and policy creation will see marked improvement. A different strategy is required. Without a new approach, worker fatality and injury rates will not improve. A culture that values safety will have reduced injuries and fatalities.


It is our mission to improve workplace safety by helping organizations develop a culture, narratives, and leadership that values and promotes safety as a key value.


We seek to change the way safety-sensitive organizations look at worker safety by re-examining concepts such as safety community, safety values, safety ethics, safety stewardship, and introducing the idea of a safety narrative and safety literacy to organizations’ workers and their lexicon.


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