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Even the best developed and delivered training will be ineffective if learners do not see value in it. Adult Learning Principle #1 is RELEVANCE. Learners will ask how training will help them do their jobs easier, better, more efficient; and there better be a good answer!

Instructional Design

At Convergence Leadership and Learning we are experienced (more than 27 years) in Instructional Design. We can provide fully developed course materials including Lesson Plans, Student Manuals, Instructor Guides, Slide Presentations, with activities and evaluations for Face-2-Face courses, blended learning programs and e-learning courses. We will fully analyze your learning challenge, design and build the right solution, manage the implementation of the program and evaluate the results or impact of the learning program on your employees and the organization.

Competency Assurance

Competency Assurance is the last line of defense for your workforce, your project, and your organization. Due diligence and the law require a final gateway to ensure the people you hire can actually DO the things they say  they can do. A formalized Competency Assurance Program includes Competency Verification (Assessments) and Competency Management (Tracking system) that will help ensure that your workforce is able to perform the tasks required of them to the standards required for safety and efficiency.

Leadership & Coaching

Any quick internet search will provide you with links to a host of different coaching or mentoring workshops for your personnel. Convergence Leadership and Learning develops customized workshops for industrial front line leaders based on reviewing the scholarship in the academic field of adult education. We focus on getting to know your people, your community and the workplace culture at your organization. Mentoring means many different things to many different people. What does it mean to you and your organization? Let us find out!

Competency Based Training

Dr. McGrath is a certified DACUM Facilitator. This means at Convergence Learning we can conduct an occupational analysis of any job in your organization, producing an occupational or competency profile. These profiles capture every task and responsibility for any given role. From these, customized training plans can be developed to ensure that your people have the right knowledge and the right skills for the jobs they do.

Evaluation & Test Construction

Writing test questions may not seem hard, but writing effective tests that measure what is required precisely and effectively is surprisingly difficult. How many times have you written a multiple-choice examination that was easy because it was written poorly? At Convergence Learning we have experience writing certification (C of Q) exams for provincial trades apprenticeships as well as online tests and university undergraduate evaluations and exams.

Training Program Evaluation

Section 217.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada states: "Every one who undertakes, or has the authority, to direct how another person does work or performs a task is under a legal duty to take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to that person, or any other person, arising from that work or task." For managers, this means, in part, that if the training provided is found to be ineffective, you can be charged under the criminal code. The training at your organization may be in place, but is it defensible? Is it as effective as it could be, or should be? Will it stand up in court if someone gets injured and the effectiveness of the training provided is called into question? Be sure, let us review it for you.

Instructor Skills Training

Convergence Learning has a history of delivering Train-the-Trainer or Instructor Skills Workshops to many clients across North America. Some of the topics offered are lesson planning, classroom management, writing learning objectives (or outcomes) and designing basic learning activities.

E-Learning Design & Evaluation

At Convergence Learning we have experience designing and building custom e-learning courses that are both engaging and pedagogically effective. We are also experienced in deploying Learning Management Systems including Moodle, Blackboard, & WebCT as well as several customized proprietary corporate programs. We will work with your IT provider to set up the most cost-effective, useful and efficient system for your organization's unique e-learning challenges.


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